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Where should I start when telling about my journey and how I started blogging.  Well for me let's share a little about myself and that all begins with growing up in small town Iowa.  Although my family did not travel much,  I always had a desire to see the world.  My first long trip was during my senior year of high school when I attended a youth convention in Denver, Colorado with some of my high school friends.  When I went off to college I volunteered for every work project that would send me to the big city to have a new experience.   The summer of my junior year,  I was hired in Warwick, New York as a camp counselor and started my first longer period away from my home state. We would visit New York City occasionally on the weekend and I loved the experience.  The taste left me wanting more and I ended up working there two more summers.  My first work experience after college was a volunteer position with a simplified living stipend through the Lutheran Volunteer Corp. There I directed an inner city after school program in Baltimore, Maryland.  The year commitment was a great life experience and actually life kind of nipped me in the butt.  I had a few family things and personal things happen so I headed to New York for the summer and then back to the midwest where I lived the next twelve or so years in Iowa and South Dakota. During this time I continued to travel throughout the United States and have visited each state except Hawaii, Alaska, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire.  (yes they are all still on my list to see)   I also made my first international visit as a group of my Sioux Falls friends traveled to London for a 10 day visit.  2001 I was recruited for a job in Atlanta, Georgia and  I was ready to spread my wings and take on the world again.  I was actually ready earlier,  just did not pursue the opportunity.   Upon arriving in Atlanta,  the job fell through and I found myself in a pretty low spot once again.  Determined to conquer the world this time,  I stayed and blazed my path continuing to travel and see more of the United States and making a life for myself.  During this period I began to dabble in blogging with some movie and restaurant reviews as well as some short posts attached to photos of some of my travels but this blogging was short lived as life got in the way.  All was good until 2010 when my partner of six years had to return to Goiania, Brazil due to job and visa issues.  At this point,  I threw my arms up in the air and started making plans to visit in order to see if a possible move was in order.  Since 
arriving in Brazil this first time I have fallen in love with the country.  OK, Goiania is not the most attractive place in the country but I do find the agricultural influence in the region comforting as it reminds me of growing up in Iowa.   I also think a destination such as Rio or Sao Paulo would be easier for an American living in Brazil,  but I am not complaining. On my second visit, my friend Meghan shared a blog she follows and suggested I should do more then just post photos to Facebook.  I figured this would be a good way to keep in touch with family and friends and make some new ones as well.  I dug through my old files and found my existing blog and here we are today.  Several posts later about travel,  food, and even some movie reviews,  I continue to find my nitch and share my experience with you my readers.  Today, I am working on learning a new language,  living six months here and six months in the States.  I have loved blogging and especially receiving feedback from my readers.   If you would like to chat in more detail, you can reach me at dwoelber2 (at) hotmail (dot) com.  I hope you can experience a little of the world with me through my writing and that you subscribe for email updates or just come back from time to time to check in.

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