Sunday, January 4, 2009

Movie Review- Doubt

What a great movie! - Excellent acting - and thought provoking story - As I watched the movie I realized it was all about my own preconceived notions about what a nun is like and what a priest is like. Not being Catholic - I have definitely created these preconceived notions of these two individuals from the limited exposure I have had with them through second hand stories. Whether that be from friends or the media. The movie made me search those notions and realize that all priests are not molesters and all church people are not virtuous people.

Meryl Streep of course was wonderful - What a wonderful contrast and show of her range of expertise - comparing this role to her fun loving role in Mamma Mia (another must see) I never get enough of her!

Philip Seymour Hoffman has just he edge the character needs to keep your preconceived notions in check and keeps you questioning what is truly going on.

Viola Davis - gets a nod because of your short role as the parent to the boy. Truly acting the struggle of a parent with a child who has struggles with his sexuality. (or is that a preconceived notion on my part?? )

And last but not least Amy Adams -- I believe she will become one of my favorite actresses as she continues to give a variety of different characters life. In the film she plays a quirky - new to the school nun. Trying to find her identity and yet she is not above your preconceived notions. I cannot wait to see what is next for Amy Adams