Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Walking I will go...

Yesterday afternoon I found myself with a little down time so I headed out the door and went for a little walk.  Ok - it was a longer walk then I first intended but about five blocks from home I began taking note of some of the things I spotted and decided to share my observations.
As I walked along I noticed a wall which has been constructed in the past six months or less.  It is like other walls along the road creating a boarder between the sidewalk and personal property.  What I paid a little more attention to on this day was the tagging which was scribbled across the newly painted structure.  The culprits sure did not waste any time before they
streaked their black lines across the tan wall.  Yes, Goiania is full of graffiti and most of my friends here are not happy about it.   I have noticed this before and in other Brazilian cities but on my walk today I pay a little closer attention to it.  I notice that some of the graffiti in the city is quite artistic and then there is some which are not like the one in the first photo.   On almost every block there is some sort of graffiti to grab the passerby's attention.
I meander a little further and come to a park with a community center or gym located in the center.  We have driven by this building before and I have always wanted to take a closer look.  It is covered with graffiti but this almost looks as if it has a purpose with some actual art being involved.  As I walk up to the structure to take a closer look I think of the murals they are painting under the bridges and underpasses along the beltline bike trails in Atlanta.  There is not a lot of difference between what we call art and graffiti.   I will continue to scour the city walls of Goiania for more art among the graffiti and share it from time to time.
In the meantime enjoy this short video with graffiti from Goiania. I figure this is better then having all the pictures listed below.  Let me know what you think...   Goiania Graffiti

A special apology to all my Brazilian friends who would rather not have me show what they consider the ugly side of Brazil but it is truly life in Brazil.  I remember a day when cities in the United States were plagued with this vandalism, not sure how they got rid of it but hopefully Brazil will follow suite and it will get better. At least the non artistic part of it.