Friday, December 28, 2012


Well - it has been a while but I was stateside for a bit and a kind of crazy journey.  In May of 2012 I became an uncle to twins.  A little boy and a little girl.  When they were a week old, I rushed off to see them before I headed to Brazil and how wonderful it is to be around babies.  OK - I think I need to back up a bit and say that while I am stateside I have offered to be a support for my sister from my father's sister (OK she is really my cousin and I am not really the baby's  uncle but I choose to wear the title proudly) and her husband.  Trying to spend as much time with them as I can.  A two and a half hour flight is much better then the nine hours flight from Brazil and the other
benefit is that they are only four hours from mom and dad's so a great excuse to be all inclusive.
With a spare bedroom on the third floor and a couple of planned flights back to the Midwest in April / May (details to be forthcoming),  I found myself at their home for a couple of weeks helping them get ready for the arrival of the little bundles of joy.  I first helped transform their den into the babies room.   A fresh coat of paint changing the dim gray walls to a soft green.  Second task was moving all the adult educational books from the bookshelves and filling them with baby books which were purchased over several years in preparation.  Finally I helped her pick up things like the cribs, changing table and other necessities for their arrival.  Once the babies room was put together I moved on and painted a couple other rooms in their home.  They have lived here for a little over a year and the colors of the previous owners were dark and drab so we needed to add some fresh vibrant colors more to their tastes.
It always seems like painting walls is one of those things we humans put off because it is hard making color choices, it is not fun, or we just can. Needless to say  I was so happy to have the free time and it was a great project allowing me to be involved and I also made an unexpected trip to visit mom and dad in Iowa.  After all the painting was done I began planning a baby shower for them with the help of my sister, mom, and two sister in laws.  Since I was spending this week and a half here,  I had not plans to return for the shower but thanks to my brother's gift of frequent flier miles,  I was able to fit it
into my plans. Fortunately I was able to help as my family played host to family and friends celebrating in anticipation of the twins (more details to come - I am so behind on blog writing - LOL).   I had one more visit to the Midwest planned for my nephews graduation from high school and my hope was that the babies would arrive before or during this visit as I would soon travel back to Georgia for final preparations to travel south of the equator.  Of course the little buggers defied my plans and the twins blessed this world the day after I flew to Atlanta and of course with my pending three month stay in Brazil,  I had to make a quick trip to welcome them.   They are such a blessing and I am sure there will be more updates if my readers are interested in this journey of my life.

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