Sunday, August 12, 2012

Scenic Sunday 7-29-2012

As you may know - my favorite poem is Bits-N-Pieces by an anonymous author.  I discovered it while working as a camp counselor my junior year of college and it has been an motto of living life ever since.  I am reminded of the poem every time I go out exploring Brazil by foot as many of the sidewalks are mosaics of rock creating wonderful patterns and art.  I am not sure most Brazilians ever notice what wonderful talent they have sitting below their feet,  but this Scenic Sunday is dedicated to those artists and the wonderful art I have discovered in the most unsuspecting place.

Hope you enjoy the video.


Kathy said...

And I thought cobblestone sidewalks were nice. Those sidewalks are gorgeous!
Great video.
I'd never read that poem before. It's very touching, and true.

Dave said...

Yes -- there are so many different sidewalk designs in Brazil. Every time we go out walking there is more to see.. and right there under our feet -- amazing. Not sure Brazilians realize the treasure they have. Oh and the poem is so embedded in my heart now. Thanks for reading Kathy