Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 2 in Mineiros

Oh my, waking up after a good night sleep – it just doesn’t get better then that. It is again sunny outside and the morning routine is underway. House is getting swept and mopped (yes all floors are tile so requires daily mopping). Breakfast is on the table – bread – fresh squeezed juice – cheese – and maybe a sweet bread or two. Coffee is awaiting and the house is already a buzz with people. They are in and out of the kitchen continuing on with their daily activities. Luiz’s nieces and nephews as well as the house keeper and Luiz’s grandma’s nurses kids can be found hanging around as well. Playing on the computer , writing, or just playing with each other.

Shortly after lunch, Luiz and I decide to take a ride around town with his brother Junior and then head to his house. We travel around Mineiros and I am reminded of growing up in Rembrandt once gain (even though Mineiros is much larger then Rembrandt).  I notice some of the towns streets are paved and some are not.  The current mayor has promised and made a plan of what streets will get paved next.  He has also done the same for side walks as a sign of the towns progess.   I believe Luizs and Junior are optimistic about the paving as both have property in town on streets left to be paved and it will dramatically change the value of their land once the street in front gets paved.  I also notice on todays journey that in some parts of town there is a
 lot more green between the walls and the streets. This is different then the observation in my blog from yesterday. Some homes have iron fences instead of walls, allowing you to see into the fabulous yards. On the edege of town we drive past a newly developed fenced in community with large homes and a security patrol at the entrance.
Even with these precautions,  some of the residence in this subdivision build fences inside the secure gates around the perimeter of their property. (I guess some things are cultural and provide a sense of security?)
We end up stopping by Junior’s home (in the worst neighborhood in Mineiros) to drop off dog food for his new street dog “Bilu”. He rescued the dog off the streets a little while ago and has been taking care of him ever since. I know my friends from Brazil who live in the United States often make comments about how Americans love their dogs and treat them like their children. They think it a little bizarre, but I think it has been a while since they have spent time in Brazil. My experience is that people here do this as well. Where ever you go you see people with their dogs – many of which are in baby strollers- have dog's clothes – and are treated like royalty. I am happy for Bilu as his story is very similar to Tyler Perry’s which one of being homeless to now living in luxury. The difference is that Bilu lucked upon it, but good for Bilu. We spend a little time at Junior's pad.

He has created a little bit of paradise behind the walls with electric fence on top. The yard is  gorgeous with its fruit producing mango trees and large variety of flowering plants. There is a lovely pool to dip in on those hot summer days and a patio for entertaining friends and family. It is the perfect get away for anyone who just wants to escape the world. Peaceful and tranquil definitely describe the little one bedroom home. We take some photos and decide to head back to his parents.   As we drive away, one can see why this would be one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city.Even though the residents do not have a lot of money, they put a lot  pride in their homes. As we drive away the neighbor right next to his home is building a new front fence and another neighbor obviously spends some time in their beautiful front yard.

On our way back to his parents we stop by a friend (Natalia’s) new restaurant Carvalho Emporio. She recently purchased the restaurant and so we decide we must stop by and surprise her. It is definitely much different then I expected in Mineiros. It seems more like Rio or Sao Paulo with its wine room and eclectic market area.

We had plans to meet up with some other friends of Luiz and Junior that evening otherwise I would have love to check it out and grab a bite. It is definitely on my itinerary for my next visit to Mineiros.


The afternoon slides by and we are ready to go out with old friend of the guys. We meet up with them at a local bar / food establishment. I have met some of them before and it is a pleasant evening. I don’t understand most of the conversation but I am always happy sitting and listening for words I know and trying to figure out what they are saying. The patio gets a little loud as there is a “futebol” (Soccer for those North American’s reading – Out of respect for this country I will call it “futebol” since I am living in Brazil for the time being) game on the television and with each goal shot there is cheers and shouts from the crowd. The evening ends and we head to Luiz’s parents home.

We arrive unaware that this evening is not quite over.  We find it hard to get to sleep as there are some young adults in the street outside the fence making a lot of noise. They are obviously similar to the kids who boarded the boat in Rio who had no regard for those around them.  I don't think I will be changing my mind and taking photos with them later. (See Rio de Janiero Day 9 for more details).  At around 1:30 A.M. we call the police and complain about the ruckus.  Soon the police arrive and noise is gone for a bit. However, after a while it starts up again and soon it is out of control again so we call the cops again again. I am not sure what time of night it is but often loud people just do not realize how they are affecting people around them. We finally get to sleep in anticipation of another day and the trip back to Goiania. (Read "Return from Mineiros")


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