Sunday, July 24, 2011


I don’t often share my volunteer experience with many but there is a charity that is dear to my heart and while I am back or if I am in Brazil I try and give of my time to support the Atlanta Community Toolbank. This visit back was not different as the little sister program HouseProud was having their annual support event House Party. Since I just arrived back in the states and had no conflicts I said “yes” I will spend part of my Saturday giving back. Arriving in the United States Wednesday, I opted for the 10:00-1:00 shift instead of the 5:00 AM shift.

Saturday morning came quick and I arrive at Turner field to find a small group of people busy at work in the shade of the few trees in the parking area. A tent had been set up obviously for registration which happened earlier this morning. There was a large sign with all the sponsors of this year’s House Party and I knew I was in the right spot. I hop out of the car and soon find things to do as we prepare for the volunteers to return. Return from where? Well the HouseProud program is an organization that helps seniors stay in their homes by providing necessary no-cost repairs. Their annual fundraiser is House Party held early summer. It is a one-day volunteer blitz where several teams of volunteers from different corporations provide critical repairs for seniors in the metro Atlanta neighborhoods. This is where these volunteers would be returning from soon.

My job at the 2011 House Party was to help serve lunch to the crews of volunteers as they return from their designated projects. The grill was lit and we began to organize the tables of chips, plates, condiments, and beverages. Once we had all these items ready we are prepared for the volunteers arrival. They begin to trickle in and fill their hungry appetites. They have been out there installing gutters, replace rotting stairs, replacing faulty locks, planting flowers, painting, weatherstripping doors, just to name a few of the items the volunteers tackled. Once all the volunteer groups had arrived and consumed their lunch it was time for us volunteers back at the Turner Field home base to clean up and we did. Leaving not as much as a half napkin lying on the ground. All in all the day was a huge success. If anyone is insterested in support HouseProud or the Atlanta Community Toolbank check them out and give a little.



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