Sunday, August 5, 2012

Scenic Sunday - Cerrado

You just have to travel beyond the city limits of Goiania and you are driving into the cerrado of central Brazil.  A large dusty, dry, area during the fall and winter months and green, vibrant area during spring and summer months.  This large ecosystem takes up a most of what is considered central Brazil and the vegetation and vast biodiversity is truly enjoyable.  On many of our excursions we have traveled through this wonderful cerrado and seen some of its beauty.  As we drive along it is easy to tell the pastured land from the natural untouched land even if there are no cows around.  The untouched natural land is full of short twisted trees among the either dry brown or lush green grass depending on the season of year.   The pasture land supports taller trees with fantastic canopies for shade and grass which is trimmed by the livestock.  An occasional termite mound spotting the landscape is often the only visible sign of the vast biodiversity found in the vegetation of this area. In other areas of the cerrado  the soil is a little more fertile and the land has been manicured into fields producing corn, soy bean, sorghum, and sugar cane.  This area of the cerrado reminds me of where I grew up in Iowa.  The final distinction of plant life is found around the creeks and river basins.  These basins have more moisture year round so can support palm trees, large clusters of bamboo and other plants.    The cerrado provides a wonderful scenic drive whether it is during the dry or rainy season  in Brazil.

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