Thursday, December 27, 2007


Well - today it has finally came. 40 - I have spent some time today reflecting on life and what and where I am. If only I had a crystal ball to predict the future. It is odd to think that 40 will soon be in the past. It was just yesterday that my parents got their first microwave - not to mention many other gadgets and gizmos- My recent trip home was a great time for reflection and I had a lot of drive time to think. At some points it even seemed a little too much time. I strugle with living in Atlanta - so far from Iowa and my roots. I get going about thinking of the future and how sometimes I keep from rooting here because I am not always sure i want to end up here. It seems so far away but then a hour and a half jet ride and I am back and ready to head back to Atlanta. Strange feelings is all I can say.

I threw myself a birthday party while back in South Dakota and a hand full of friends showed up. It was a good meal and good time catching up. Those friends seem to stick in their through thick and thin. I am having another party this weekend for friends in atlanta. I may have rooted more here than I thought.

I have nothing too profound to say except end with a quote that has been extremely important to me the last couple of years...

Charish your summers - in a life time you only get 80 if you are luck.

Sure puts a perspective on my thoughts and worries.


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