Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Back Home

Well, I am back to Atlanta after traveling home for the Holidays. I had a good visit with family and friends. I actually flew into Kansas City because the $153 was hard to turn away from. (compared to $325 in Omaha and Minneapolis and $400 + SiouxFalls) Well- I was disappointed as my car rental was accepted on priceline for $10 aday but after the city fees it came to $28 a day. Oh well - Omaha and Minneapolis were at $21 a day and they would have some fees as well. Ok -- After arriving in Kansas City I set off to Omaha and diverted myself to a back road for a bit and after seeing a feed and seed store - a country suply store and trailers - I realized I was not in the city anymore. I wish I would have taken a picture or two -- Missouri is truely a different world.

Well - my time in SD and IA was spent with friends and family. I truely enjoyed the time and reconnected with many. I visited Santa's Castle in Storm lake ( a favorite for us when we were kids) and brought back another suitcase of stuff. It just seems to keep accumulating. I have to continue to tell myself to stop buying - I don't have room!!. Well - Enjoy the pictures and share with me your holiday experiences - I would love to hear about them.

God Bless the rest of 2007

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Dan Woelber said...

Dave it was absolutely wonderful having you back around. I truly appreciate you coming back and joining us for the holidays. Abbie made mention to me that she would like to take a vacation and come and see her Uncle Dave. We might have to make that happen sometime soon. Overall, Christmas was a success this year, I think that we still have some work to do around structure and getting the most out of our precious time together. But overall, it was fun! Tell Luiz hi and we look forward to your next trip to the area.! :) Your Bro Dan