Monday, May 19, 2008


A couple weeks ago - thanks to Jiwon at ALLURE Event and Meeting Productions I got the best gig I have had in a while. ALLURE had an Atlanta client who were entertaining clients from throughout the world and they needed someone to host dine arounds for two weekends. "What is a dine around?" you ask. Well - The local company has a showroom here in Atlanta and they decided to have an open house and invite VIP clients and VIP executives from around the world to Atlanta for a couple days and treat them to VIP service. They hired ALLURE to coordinate/provide transportation to and from the airport, hotel and showroom and too and from dinner. They also hired ALLURE to schedule private dinners at some of the finest restaurants in Atlanta/Buckhead for their guests. That is where I came in. My responsibility was to gather the party at the hotel (either the Intercontinental or the Ritz Carlton Buckhead- depending on the night ) and make sure we had everyone in the lobby and make sure the Limo's were ready and staged out front of the hotel. When it came time to leave - get everyone got into the vehicle and off we went to the restaurants where I made sure they made it to the private dining room with no worries and that the service was ready. While they had their dinner I sat in the other room and ate. Yes wonderful!! - Then after dinner their ticket was brought to me and I made sure it got to Jiwon to get paid and made sure the limo's were there to pick them up and that they got back to the hotel ok. That was it - my job was over. How easy could that be? I ended up eating Friday at Capital Grille - (prime rib was perfect ***** - yes 5 star) Saturday I went to Mortons (Sirloin was perfect and the onion bread was wonderful as well ***** 5 star) Sunday at Capital Grille (at this time I had enough red meat so I went with the pork chops and it was perfect with a side of lobster mac and cheese to die for ***** 5 star) Monday night it was to Aquanox (the lobster was great - ship wonderful - and service funny **** 4 star) then I was off a few days and Friday I went to Rathburns (sirloin was excellent - it was a more modern restuarant and I have to say a little loud on the atmosphere but food was not disappointing **** 4 star) Saturday it was to Blue Pointe -FYI the first restaurant I ate at in Atlanta 6 years ago. ( Scallions were ok - and desert a little sweet **** 4 star) Monday we went back to Blue Pointe (Lobster was good and Jiwon actually allowed me to bring Luiz with me ***** 5 star) I think to sum it up my favorite were the sirloin at Mortons - lobster mac and cheese at Capital Grille - Lobster at Blue Pointe.
On top of the great food I made enough money to head home to see my niece get baptised. Thanks Jiwon and ALLURE.

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