Thursday, June 9, 2011

Taste of Brazil - US foods made with a Brazilian twist!

Food we eat in the USA, but it's just a little different in Brazil - some of the twists better - some of them keep the food in the same ball park. 

1) Ice Cream (not as creamy as in the United States but the flavors run the range and I think it will always top the list for me I scream - you scream - we all scream - for ICE CREAM - Jill Marks -- I thought of you)

2) Pizza (Still always one of my favorite foods and I don't eat it very often -In Brazil it is strictly thin crusted everywhere I went but they add bananas, eggs, and heart of palm just to name a few of the different ingredients topping pizzas in Brazil - I definitely liked the caramelized bananas and ham)

3) McDonald's (Good - fast - burger and fries - need I say more - OK a little more, I really wanted to see if the taste would translate in another country and it did, now I had my McDonald's for the year)

4) Churrasco (Meat grilled -- of course they are known for their grilled meat and they know how to do it.  Different then the USA as they don't use tangy, sweet, or spicy sauces to flavor the meat -- just salt)

5)Banana's Foster (Caramelized bananas - Yum and then add the #1 in the list *ice cream* and you are going places)

6) Brownies and Ice Cream (I think Betty Crocker has spoiled me on brownies - again they were good - I have just had some phenomenal brownies in my life)

7) Rotisserie Chicken (found at the market down on the corner - we looked at it a couple of times before deciding to have it for dinner.  Very similiar to what we find at the grocery store in the good old USA)

8) Chocolate Cake -( I know for many people this desert would have made it further up the list but for me it is simply chocolate cake and since it was not that different then cake made in the USA (id did have a delicious chocolate cream filling) ,  it found itself at number 8 )

9) Appetizers (How can quail eggs - pickled vegetables - heart of palms - cheese and processed meat - good but then again nothing real special. One time they brought it to our table and we ate it only to be surprised when it was on the bill and expensive too)

10) Brazilian Nuts (So fresh and oil - not dry and dusty like good old planters nuts)

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i did like all this....