Thursday, January 5, 2012

i taght I taw a Ipe Tree --

I DID...I DID... I DID -

OK -- since we arrived back in Goiania yesterday after our trip across country (yes I am skipping day 12 and 13 as there was not much to write about the rest of the journey to Mineiros and then back to Goiania -  I have already blogged about traveling between these two cities and if you have not read those blogs check them out at "about Mineiros"  and "about Goiania".)  I have heard rumblings of a majestic tree called Ipe (e-pay) and since it is currently in bloom Luiz decides to bring me to one he has admired for years when it is in full bloom.  The Ipe trees and bushes seem to find inner strength in the hottest, most dry time of the year to
drop their leaves and push out a beautiful canopy of flowers.  We head out the door and begin to drive through the narrow streets filled with bustling cars, trucks and motor cycles.  Actually - more motor cycles then cars or trucks.  Our car soon turns a corner off the busy street to a neighborhood and in the distance I can see the wonderful Ipe tree he has told me about.  There is one small spot left to parallel park and after a little maneuvering we exit the car into the fresh city air.  As I approach this golden treasure,  I think about how wonderful the yellow contrasts today's clear blue sky and what an unusual spot for a splendor like this to be found.  In the corner of a parking lot with little green space it a city full of green squares and parks.  I spend a good thirty minutes observing in amazement, all the yellow wonder it is providing the neighborhood it has rooted in.   I am so amazed by the tree,  I think I took twenty plus photos of it as I just kept finding different angles to record its beauty.  I don't need to say much more,  just leave this post with some photos of this glorious Ipe tree. Enjoy...

Towards the end of our time here, I notice a small group of people have gathered to gaze upon the tree with amazement.  They tell a story of how them come every year to view this tree and it's splendor. (at least that is what I gathered from my broken Portuguese).  We watch as a small group of city workers begin to sweep the fallen yellow petals from the street and sidewalks.  Their attempt to remove the yellow ground cover seems in vain as new flowers fall from the canopy overhead.

This particular tree is so beautiful, we decide there must be more and that we have time to drive around the city a little in search of more.  The bright yellow tops of the trees are easy to spot as we look out over the city.  However,  as we get to where we think the one spotted is, we realize they are either not
as large as we thought or it was a bunch of smaller trees or maybe we did not find the original tree we spotted blocks ago.  It is hard to see a tree in the distance and find the right street which will allow us to drive past it.  We also realize that many of the trees we spot are in areas that do not have roads so we are often forced to abandon our quest. 

Towards the end of our journey today we are fortunate to come across another glorious tree in someones yard.  This tree seems to be a little larger and still full of its blooms.  They are just beginning to fall with much less yellow on the ground around.  More photos of different angles ensue.  All in all - we have a wonderful day hunting for this beautiful tree.  I hope you have enjoyed riding along on our quest to find the Ipe trees of Goiania and the photos that go along with our finds.   If you are ever in this region of Brazil,  and you opportunity to see one of these trees - stop - enjoy - and take a photo or twenty plus.
Truly amazing. 

P.S Ipe trees do bloom in different colors,  I just prefer the yellow.

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