Sunday, July 29, 2012

Scenic Sunday Winter Contrasts

Since I have been living in Brazil - it has been a little bit of an adjustment to remember that the seasons are reversed.  When we traveled to Porto Alegre last year in July,  I was surprised that it actually gets cold in Brazil.  I never thought of Brazil in the winter or it being cold here.  All my friends are all from the northern part of the country so they never shared stories of the cold or snow for that matter.  It was a little odd to me that a couple of the cities even were celebrating with snowmen and winter themes.  Traditionally reserved for December in my neck of the woods, it felt like they had left their decorations up for the year. By the end of our trip,  my thoughts and expectations of Brazil had changed.  I realized they do have areas where snow falls and it gets cold.

Well -- since it is still warm in the United States and my friends there won't be too upset with my reminder of how cold it can be there and many of my Brazilian friends would love to see a winter snow.  I found some old videos and thought I would share them at this time during Brazil's Winter.

Hope you enjoy!

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