Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Travel Tip - Pot-hole partrol

I have been in Brazil for over 2 years now and every time I am back in the states watching the local news segment "pot hole patrol" I get a big grin on my face and begin to chuckle a bit.  In Brazil this would have to be a full 24 hour a day 7 days a week segment to cover all the pot holes in the roads.
One of the most frustrating things for my Brazilian friends who drive is that when roads are repaired they just never seems to get done right.  The pot hole will be right back.   Of course as they travel down the roads they are remind of this daily as almost every street is infected by this defect in the pavement.   Of course if you are driving in the city a pot hole can easily be avoided.  As long as the there is no driver crowding you from the next lane over or a motorcycle playing Packman down the dotted lines in between lanes.
When driving in the country at a faster speed these pot holes are quite a bit more treacherous and some of them seem as if they could swallow you up.  OK, ruin your suspension if nothing else.  I know growing up in Iowa there were always roads that were
less favorable to drive on being a little rough with an occasional pot hole,  but never a pot hole or maybe I should say many pot holes at least 1 foot deep and 3 feet wide for miles.  The dodging that takes place simply puts stress on the driver and any passenger in the vehicles.  My travel tip this week is for anyone driving the roads of Brazil,  don't get into that music or conversation too much,  you had better pay strict attention to the roads,  those pot holes are gonna get you!!

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