Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Where should we eat Wednesday? Minieros

Pit Dogs Stands(pronounced PITCH DOGS) are all the rave in Goias Brazil.  It seems like there is a kiosk in every park and on every other corner in the cities and small towns.  A pit dog is a chicken or hamburger patty on a but filled with toppings.  Recently a place for these sandwiches opened in Mineiros call XUXU's Burger so we had to go check it out.

The Review:

The first evening we headed in this direction the place was packed and so we opted for another small burger place in town but our second attempt found is quiet with only a hand full of customers.
First impression was that it is new, clean and they have plenty of wait staff.  Five or six of them hanging out at the front counter.  Our waiter seemed a little inexperienced and took several trips to the table to settle us in with menus, silverware, and all the necessary items to enjoy the experience.  The menu consists of the traditional sandwiches and a few plates as well.  I order a x salada and wanted to share some fries but they do not have offer single orders of french fries although there is a photo of fries on the menu.  We hang out have a beer and after a short wait the food comes.  Our waiter receives little help from the other staff watching soccer at the counter.  If they would have pitch in it could have been delivered in one trip verses the five trips it took him.  We were a good size party and a little assistance would have been good for the reputation of the new restaurant.  The sandwich itself was good with all the toppings seemingly fresh and piled on.  One of the friends eating with us had ordered a plate of food which comes with chicken, rice and french fries.  (ah that is why it is in the picture on the menu).   It seems like they are missing out on some revenue not allowing us to order an individual order of fries.  They could have increased our ticket by some R$30,00.   But, this is just my observation and opinion.  Other then that price point was good and as we leave the small restaurant I think how I am glad we were not there when it was busy because I can only imagine what the service would have been like.

I could not find it listed on the internet and there is no website for it yet.  If you find yourself in Mineiros - just ask - the city is still small enough most people hear by word of mouth when a new restaurant opens although I do think there are better places to enjoy these delicious sandwiches in town.

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