Monday, May 16, 2011

Rio de Janiero - Day 10

Travel to Goiania

OK – so disappointed this trip must come to an end. The city of Rio de Janeiro is a new friend of mine and I
can only plan to come back again to take in more of it’s majesty and glory. We pack and Margarete and I take off for a quick wear and tear on the soles of our shoes. Nothing eventful happened on this walk, just thought it was a little funny we were so tired of walking that we decided to take a quick walk. Well, we hale a tax and head to the airport. As we take off, I have a window seat this time so am treated to a great view of Rio, Copacabana, and Ipanema as we head south down the coast. Beyond Rio, I am intrigued by Joa, Vidigal, Sao Conrado as we view them from the plane and soon feel a tickle inside to explore this country and learn more. I look forward to my next adventure.

Please let me know if you would like a personal tour of Rio -I would be happy to share this beautiful city with you! All inclusive packages available--
See my about me page for contact information or leave a comment.

 Could it be Sao Paulo? (our layover destination) You will have to keep watching to see.


After the two short airplane rides we arrive in Goiania again and head home to begin laundry and take it easy, basically recover from our trip. Home, no matter where it is! What a beautiful place it is! (Go to Rio de Janiero - Day 1) or (Read about Goiania)

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