Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Movie Rio -- review

This was a spectacular film with roots in Minnesota (not too far from where I call the ultimate home) and the characters travel to the heart of Rio de Janeiro (not too far from where I currently call home).  Over the years, animated musicals have become classics. Rio could easily become one of those films. The song and dance numbers here are really enjoyable since you don't need lyrics to enjoy good music.  Even the story finding love in unexpected places seemed really good and well thought out even it typical for animated stories.  We went to see it in Portuguese and although I could not understand a lot of the conversation,  the story was easy to follow and the animation was simply beautiful.

The story begins about 20 years ago, when Blu (Jesse Eisenberg), a blue macaw was smuggled from the Brazilian rain forest along with other birds, to be sold in the exotic pet trade.  Blue falls off the truck I will just leave you with an introduction so you can head to the theater to see the rest of the story.  It was simply beautiful and appetizing to the eyes.  While at the theater we found that they are showing it in English one time and night so it is a definite "thinkg to do" some evening. I am anxious to see it again in English. I enjoyed it so much in Portuguese that I believe  the voices of Ann Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberg, George Lopez, Jamie Fox and the rest will put it over the top of my expectations.  I am positive it will be a true treat and wonderful show.

Two thumbs up for this animated wonder and a must take the kids to.  It will surely boost the excitement of the city of Rio and put it on more peoples places to go in their lifetime.  I will be heading back to Rio as well sometime soon and now have a couple of things to see.

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