Monday, May 16, 2011

A little bit about Goias History

So… back home in Goiania and we took a day to clean, rest, do laundry and relax. Of course the sun is shining and sky is blue but I guess I cannot influence Miss Mother Nature. Living in Brazil has felt at times like Iowa growing up: no air conditioning, hanging clothes to dry, hot days and cool nights. I remember those days well. Sometimes I think life was much simpler but then I guess it is supposed to be simple when you are a kid. I often look at kids these days and how quickly we ask them to grow up. We take them away from the carefree days of youth at such an early age. But, then again maybe that happened to some then and I was just not aware of it. I think a lot of times in life we look at the present and don’t realize that it is just a duplication of the past. 50 years ago kids started working young and some of the same issues existed.

Well back to my blogging, the day at home passes and we rise to sunny skies. We take a quick trip to the farmers market to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables. I love this part of living in Brazil. There are “fairs” all over the city with local crafts folks and farmers selling their treasures. The produce you see and can purchase is simply amazing.

After our quick trip for produce, Luiz and I are off to pick up Margarete (who is now becoming our travel buddy) and head through the city to a place unknown to me. Where are they taking me? What will I see? We only get lost once and soon we arrive at Memorial do Cerrado. We park the car and again begin walking. The entrance to the park is beautiful with a red posted fence along a nice pond stocked with regional fish. In the corner of the pond, under the tree the fish have all congregated for our viewing. (OK maybe to stay out of the heat of the sun) We register at the

front desk and begin our journey into the history of the region. It is a pleasant museum of sorts with stuffed animals, minerals, and artifacts from the Goias State. We spend some time touring around the inside the building. Next we step out back where they have created a ancient village. You can tell they are doing some remodeling by the cans of paint along the unpainted wall.  The rest of the wall is a mural of a traditional village. Across from the wall is an actual walled and ceiling structure which we head towards to explore. Inside we find a treasure of antiques including a school room, newspaper office, trading post, and living quarters. Each of the rooms set up the way they may have been years ago and we spend quite a bit of time looking around and remembering. (Also trying to figure out what a few of the items are)


Once we are finished with our find,  we walk across an old wooden bridge where  there is a second set of building.  These building show the living quarters and some great artifacts in the courtyard and barn area. It reminds me of the thrashing festivals of Albert City Iowa and how my family history is so involved in thrashing. What wonderful memories and I know my dad has been to them in the recent past so I am happy they are still around. I also wonder if there is anyplace like this in NW Iowa with the history of the region. I think there are probably hidden gems throughout the United States.

Back to our tour – we walk down a dirt path towards another settlement. The security guard begins to tell us that this area represents the communities runaway slaves built. Hidden in the forest, they built everything from scratch and always had someone on look out for intruders or slave hunters. The huts were equipped like they would have been for the x-laves and I once again on my journey slip back to fantasize what it would have been like so many years ago. Living in this community and enjoying the free life they lived.

The security guard shared with us that the tiles to roof the huts were made by taking clay mud and forming it on the people thighs. Letting it dry and set thus they became knows as thigh tile. Very interesting as you can see the thigh shape in the tile.
We have enjoyed our visit and it is time to leave so we depart from the security guard and head back to the entrance of the park. The afternoon is about over and coffee of course is overdue. We head back to Della (local bakery) and enjoy some coffee, treats, and time with friend Margarete before heading home. The evening is for packing and getting to bed early (even though I end up working on my blog a little too long). Tomorrow we travel to Menieros. (Read "A day in Goias - A charming City")  or (Read "What hidden Gems! Goiania")

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