Thursday, February 21, 2013

This Day is all about Luiz n Natalia - the follow up

I had to take a minute to write a quick follow to Luiz Henrique and Natalia's big day.   Yes time has passed and they have settled into their quaint two bedroom apartment in Goiania.   We joined some friends there a couple of days ago for coffee and to see the new place.  During our visit the wedding was brought up and they mentioned how they liked the blog post I had written. Natalia needed a little help with translation but good for her Luiz Henrique speaks English fluently.  The conversation continued on about the similarities and differences there were from weddings in the United States that I help plan.   It started with the ceremony and I again shared how not knowing exactly what was said,  it seemed like every Catholic wedding ceremony I had been to before.  We then discussed what was written about the reception and I mentioned that there is traditionally a cake cutting as part of the evenings festivities in the states.  They shared that this was part of the original plan but  somehow the wedding planner dropped the ball and forgot it.  They were also supposed to have time to toast each other and drink a glass of champagne as husband and wife.  Similar to the toast given by the best man in the U.S.A., this ceremonial gesture
of sharing a glass of champagne between the newlyweds is reserved for the new couple.  I asked if maybe I had missed it but was informed no,  it was missed by the planner as well.  Luiz Henrique and Natalia said these were two regrets of the evening which were supposed to be in the hands of  the wedding planner.  They also pointed out my observation of too many photos during the reception was accurate as well.  All the newlyweds wanted to do is dance and enjoy their guests and it seemed like the photos went on and on.   In the end they had a wonderful evening with no major mishaps and plenty of pictures to remember it with.  The young couple are both happy with how the evening went and were pleased that I enjoyed their evening of celebration honoring the beginning of their lives together as husband and wife.

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