Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday's Travel Tip - Motel

 You've been traveling through the country side enjoying the wonderful country of Brazil.   Made a few stops,  met a few people,  ate some good food.  OK, maybe the language barrier did not allow you meet a whole lot of people but the day is winding down and it is time to find a place to sleep.  As you drive into the small town and pass by the churrascaria still serving there evening meal.  You come to a quaint little motel and think what a great place to settle for the night.  Wait,  put the brakes on my friend.  One of the things to learn about Brazil is the different between hotel and motel.
It is quite an easy lesson today,  Brazilian motels are designated hotels which charge by the hour for couples who are in search of intimacy and discretion.   Now don't let your mind get seedy, as I understand many of these motels are decorated quite nicely in different themes like Egyptian, red n white, and Paris. I hear they would rival any regular hotel with a few additional amenities.  But if you intend to stay all night and are not interested in the heart shaped bed,  just remember this ain't no Motel 6 and probably not where you want to spend your money for a good night sleep.


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