Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday Travel Trip - Slippery when wet!

In the past I have dedicated posts to the wonderful sidewalks and the art that is created right under the pedestrians feet.   This post is about the harsher side of walking around Brazil and those walkways where I say "watch out".  I have learned the hard way that Brazilians love marble and often use this material outside on their sidewalks,  stairs at their building entrances, around pools, and all around for flooring.  (I have yet to see carpet and very little hardwood flooring.)  The caution I have is that when these are wet they are extremely and I mean extremely slippery.  There are no slippery when wet signs used to warn anyone strolling along.  It may be the flip flows I wear and maybe its that I am new to dealing
with this surface but I have literally fallen numerous times.  Fortunately never getting hurt beyond my pride and surprise.  I have learned that when the rain comes I turn on the caution mode as I traverse the sidewalks and stairs holding onto walls and handrails wherever I can.   In the good old sue happy United States this surface would be too much of a liability to install in these places.  Someone would fall and it would be ripped out days later because of the pending lawsuit.  So while traveling in Brazil my piece of advise is enjoy the wonderful art underneath your feet but if it gets wet walk carefully.  You just never know just how slippery that surface will be.

Even regular cement looks like a sheet of ice
when it rains.. 

this is traditional blocks used for sidewalks ..
not a slick but will help you fall
Mostly used indoors.. watch out when
the floor is mopped 

But don't forget to enjoy what is right there
under your feet. 

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